How TempSure's Groundbreaking Technology Can Improve Wrinkles, Discoloration and Saggy Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. As you age, time begins to take its toll, creating wrinkles, discolored skin patches, and sagging areas of skin all over your body. In the past, the only cosmetic option for improving wrinkled, sagging skin was invasive surgery.

Now, thanks to the groundbreaking technology offered by TempSure™, you can enjoy tighter, younger-looking skin without a single incision. Available at Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care, you can dramatically enhance your skin and quickly reverse the signs of aging.

The innovation of TempSure laser technology

TempSure uses gentle radiofrequency energy to heat targeted areas of your skin, turning up the temperature of the deepest layers. This action triggers your body’s natural healing response, which is to restart production of collagen, a basic building block of healthy skin.

Over time, this collagen continues to develop within the treated areas, creating tighter, firmer-looking skin. In just weeks, you can begin to reverse signs of aging, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging areas on your face and body.

You may notice results immediately after just your first treatment, with visibly tighter, smoother skin. As more collagen is produced in the weeks after treatment, your results keep getting better.

The TempSure difference

TempSure is a unique technology in that it’s safe and effective for everyone. Unlike other heated laser cosmetic technologies, TempSure doesn’t overstimulate your nerves, so you don’t get discomfort or pain when the laser reaches optimum heat temperatures.

Dr. Charlotten can recommend TempSure treatments no matter your skin type. TempSure is designed to deliver consistent heat to ensure optimum, satisfying results.

While you may see skin improvements after just one treatment, you’ll benefit from multiple treatments, as recommended by Dr. Charlotten, to achieve your desired results without worrying about the impact the treatment will have on your health.

Your TempSure treatment will be comfortable and relaxing, without a second of downtime after you leave your appointment. You can enjoy the constant improvement of your skin’s tone and texture as you go about your normal activities.

Treating your face and beyond

TempSure is a noninvasive, painless alternative to traditional face-lifts and skin-tightening treatments. Dr. Charlotten can use the advanced technology to enhance both the delicate skin of your face and the thicker skin around your knees, elbows, and abdomen. You can even eliminate bags and wrinkles on the ultra-thin skin under your eyes without pain or skin damage.

Because the technology is designed to be comfortable, you won’t need anesthesia regardless of the treatment area. The gentle heat feels more like a massage than a skin-tightening treatment, and sessions are fast, with a full facial treatment lasting only 20 minutes.

Enjoy long-lasting results

One of the best parts of TempSure treatments is that you’ll likely enjoy these skin improvements for months to come.

Dr. Charlotten creates a treatment plan specific to your needs, and once your initial treatment is complete, you only have to come back for maintenance treatments once or twice a year.

To schedule your TempSure consultation, book an appointment online or by calling Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care.

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