Lose That Stubborn, Unwanted Fat with SculpSure

Nobody starts out hoping they end up with a muffin top, love handles, and a double chin, but … life happens. You may have tried dieting, exercising, and even more drastic methods of getting rid of unwanted fat, but there’s a safe, easy way to target the exact area of fat you’d like to reduce.

Under the direction of family physician Dr. Kevin Charlotten, the experienced team at Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care in Elmhurst, Queens, New York, helps you lose stubborn, unwanted fat with SculpSure® body contouring. It’s fast, reliable, and a convenient way to a slimmer, more sculpted physique, permanently.

SculpSure is a sure thing

Diet and exercise may get you almost where you want to be physically, but SculpSure is a lot closer to a sure thing when it comes to permanent fat reduction. Losing weight and getting rid of fat often provide two very different outcomes.

If you could choose to trim a few pounds from specific locations on your body, then simply losing weight would get rid of unwanted fat from all the right places. But, that’s not always the case. You may lose 10 pounds, but still have belly fat or extra fat around your thighs.

That’s where SculpSure comes in. This innovative technology uses precisely focused laser energy to terminate fat cells beneath the surface of your skin exactly where you desire — your thighs, belly, love handles, back, and under your chin. The thermal energy from the laser damages unwanted fat cells, but leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed.

Your body eliminates the destroyed fat cells through your lymphatic system over the next few weeks, so all you’re left with is a flatter stomach, or no more muffin top, or less of a double chin, depending on which areas you treat.

In fact, you can lose up to 24% of unwanted fat in the treated area in a single SculpSure session. You’ll most likely want to come in for a series of 4-6 treatments for optimal results, but you may begin seeing a noticeable difference just a few weeks after your first session. The Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care team customizes a plan based on your needs so you get as close to your desired outcome as possible.

SculpSure takes less time than going to the gym

Exercise is beneficial for your physical well-being, there’s no doubt about that. But, for all the time and effort you spend on the treadmill, or taking spin classes, or lugging kettlebells around, you should have guaranteed results. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Going to the gym can certainly help keep you healthy. However, you may also find that even though you take extra time before or after work most days to put in an hour or more working out, those stubborn areas of fat are still stuck to you like super glue.

A SculpSure treatment is perhaps a better use of your time when you simply want to “unstick” stubborn fat once and for all. Each treatment takes just 25 minutes per area, and you may be able to treat multiple areas at the same time. How’s that for convenience? You can schedule a SculpSure treatment for your lunch hour so you don’t have to spend so much extra time at the gym.

Losing fat doesn’t have to be painful, either

Other permanent fat reduction methods, such as liposuction, come with a painful recovery process. SculpSure offers a noninvasive way to reduce fat without pain and without downtime. Most patients find the treatment comfortable since the SculpSure applicators heat the tissue below the skin’s surface while keeping your skin temperature comfortable. And, when it’s over, you can return to your daily activities without negative side effects.

Ready to learn more about this innovative, fat-reducing, laser technology? If you have stubborn fat, SculpSure may be the solution for you. Call the office in Queens or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool, and make plans to say goodbye to unwanted fat forever.

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