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Bulging pockets of stubborn fat not only make you look out of shape, but they can give you an aged appearance. Get rid of exercise-resistant body and chin fat with the SculpSure® Body an Sub-Mental contouring system at Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care in Elmhurst, New York. Men and women who live in the Western Queens area can reap the benefits of a sleeker, more flattering physique by setting up a SculpSure appointment with Dr. Kevin Charlotten or another aesthetic profession at Q-Care. Call the helpful Spanish and English-speaking staff or use the handy online form.

Body Sculpting Q&A

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a revolutionary way to eliminate bulging pockets of exercise-resistant fat in a series of relaxing and comfortable treatments.

Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care offers the state-of-the-art SculpSure system, which is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for removing fat without surgery or downtime. You can use SculpSure to get rid of:

  • Muffin tops
  • Love handles
  • Back fat
  • Saddle bags
  • Double chins

You can even create the coveted thigh gap with SculpSure.

Will I lose weight from body sculpting?

Body contouring treatments trim inches, not pounds. SculpSure is not a weight loss system. In fact, Dr. Charlotten recommends that you are already at a healthy weight before attempting to contour your body with SculpSure.

How does body sculpting work?

Body sculpting disrupts the function of unwanted fat cells. SculpSure uses focused laser energy to target fatty tissue without affecting your skin. The heat damages the structural integrity of the fat cells so that they start to break down.

Your body then eliminates the disrupted cells over the next three months. Once the damaged fat cells leave your body, they don’t regrow or come back. As long as you stay at the same weight, your SculpSure figure is yours to keep.

A bonus with SculpSure is that the laser heat also triggers collagen remodeling in your skin. That means your treatment areas will look firmer and more youthful.

What is a body sculpting treatment like?

While you lay back comfortably, Dr. Charlotten or another Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care expert places the flat SculpSure applicators on your treatment areas. You can target up to four areas at once to cut down your treatment time.

SculpSure feels relaxing and doesn’t require any suction. You may feel intermittent sensations of warmth, but SculpSure keeps your skin cool with a Contact Cooling™ system.  

Each SculpSure session only takes around 25 minutes and eliminates about 24% of your fat at a time. Depending on the results you want, you may opt in for a series of more than one treatment. Individual results may vary.

How long do body sculpting results last?

After you’ve sculpted a new physique with SculpSure, Dr. Charlotten strongly recommends that you maintain your weight. Even though your body has eliminated fat cells from your fatty bulges, the remaining fat cells can expand if you eat too many calories.

If you have trouble keeping your weight down, Dr. Charlotten helps you develop a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

To start sculpting your body, contact Dr. Charlotten’s office in Spanish or English, or use the online booking form.