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Not long ago, the only way you could correct sagging, wrinkling skin was with a surgical facelift. At Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care in Elmhurst, New York, the aesthetic professionals rejuvenate, firm, and lift your face nonsurgically using TempSure™ Envi. Dr. Kevin Charlotten and his caring team help you achieve your cosmetic goals no matter what your background or situation is. Women and men in the Western Queens area who want to turn back the biological clock can call the Q-Care team in English or Spanish, or use the online form for booking.

Non-surgical Facelift

What is a nonsurgical facelift?

A nonsurgical facelift is a procedure that corrects the most troubling signs of aging — sagging skin and lack of firmness — without incisions or a significant recovery period. At Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care, Dr. Charlotten and his team use the TempSure Envi system to tighten and lift your skin.

How does a nonsurgical facelift with TempSure Envi work?

While you relax comfortably, one of the aesthetic professionals at Q-Care directs TempSure’s radiofrequency (RF) energy to the deep layers of your skin. The heat creates micro-wounds in the collagen layer that your body then rushes in to repair by producing new collagen.

As the long, protein strands of new collagen form — a process known as neocollagenesis or collagen remodeling — your skin becomes stronger, thicker, and firmer. The heat also stimulates the production of new elastin, another kind of protein that gives your skin flexibility.

Neocollagenesis improves the quality of your skin from the inside out. In addition to giving you more youthful looking and firmer skin, TempSure also smooths out:

  • Crow’s feet and other eye wrinkles
  • Mouth wrinkles, including smoker’s lines
  • Frown lines and other forehead wrinkles

How long does a nonsurgical facelift take?

Your aesthetic professionals complete your nonsurgical TempSure facelift in just under 30 minutes. However, collagen remodeling is a long-term process. Though you may start to see results directly after your treatment, the improvements continue in the following weeks or months.

Most women and men need a series of treatments to get the degree of firmness and smoothness they want, with about a month between each treatment. Dr. Charlotten recommends biannual or annual touch-ups to maintain your results.

Does a nonsurgical facelift with TempSure Envi hurt?

Most patients find TempSure comfortable, and experience alternating sensations of warmth and cooling. However, if you’re sensitive, Dr. Charlotten can numb your skin with an anesthetic cream.  

How much downtime will I have with a nonsurgical facelift?

You should schedule zero to a few days of downtime after TempSure Envi, as your skin may be red and tender. When you have your nonsurgical facelift consultation, your aesthetic expert helps you estimate how long the recovery time will be. Individual results may vary.

You don’t have to live with sagging skin or subject yourself to painful, expensive surgery. Contact the bilingual Q-Care Aesthetic Laser Care staff by phone or online.